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Help Save A Life - Animal Rescue

WARNING: Graphic veterinary care photos shown in this post to drive home how serious Branwell's care needs are.

Cow face

Today we bring you the story of Branwell the calf. Branwell is the newest rescue at Rescue Tails Animal Sanctuary, and he is in desperate need of your help! Branwell is an eight month old shorthorn calf. Due to a variety of circumstances, from poor parenting to issue with his previous human care, Branwell has a compromised immune system and his condition has led to multiple severe health issues.

Branwell suffers from an extremely sever case of warts, covering 50% of his body. These warts cause pain, itching, and infection. He is in need of months of medical care to remove and treat the warts, pain medication to ease his pain, antibiotics to prevent additional infection, and vaccines to prevent future resurgence. The warts have to be manually scraped off by veterinarians, biopsied, and then the wound areas have to be treated. This process is repeated every two weeks over the course of months. Included here are pictures of his first round of treatment.

Without treatment, the warts will continue to spread, and Branwell will die.

cow vet care

In addition to the severe warts, Branwell is blind in his right eye due to untreated infection, and he has a persistent respiratory disorder from being isolated in a dusty barn, out of the sun, for three months. He has suffered alone, and now that he is at Rescue Tails Animal Sanctuary, he is getting the best care possible in the hopes that he will make a recovery in time.

Each treatment session runs a cost of $240, every two weeks, until he is cleared by his veterinary team. At this time we are raising money to cover his next four treatments over the next two months. The pictures included are of his first treatment, done February 22nd.

cow vet care
cow vet care
cow vet care
cow vet care

We are asking that you please donate to help cover his medical bills and give Branwell the best chance humanly possible to recover and lead a long, happy life. He deserves to know that he will not be mistreated at the hands of humans again.

He deserves the best chance he can possibly be given, and we need your help to do that. Please consider donating, sharing, and spreading the word about this emergency fundraiser.

Be Branwell's heroes. Help save his life.

Rescue Tails Animal Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are fully tax deductible and benefit the animals directly.

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