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About Rescue Tails Animal Sanctuary

Here at Rescue Tails Animal Sanctuary, we see the value in all living creatures. We strive to be leaders in positive changes to the animal care world, and our lives have been driven by the same ideas we used to found our Animal Sanctuary upon: Animal welfare, education, and respect are vitally important, and animals deserve better than they are often given.

It is our mission to rescue animals from abusive and inhumane conditions across the country. Since our inception in 2023, we have successfully participated in the rescue and rehabilitation of retired farm animals, rescue from abusive breeding programs, and taken in horses saved from kill-pens. We rehabilitate these animals and give them loving, permanent homes where they can live out their lives being given the care and love they should have had from the beginning.


Animals in need are everywhere. With your help, we can give them help. 

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